Pension Administration - Disclaimer
Pension Benefit Calculator Disclaimer
Please be advised, the Pension Benefit Calculator allows a user to obtain a retirement allowance estimate based upon data inputted by the user. The Pension Benefit Calculator is provided for informational purposes only and may not be construed as providing an accurate retirement allowance calculation. By inputting different service years and compensation amounts, a user can approximate his/her retirement allowance under various retirement scenarios. By clicking "I accept" on the icon below, you acknowledge and agree that use of the Pension Benefit Calculator will solely result in an estimate that is not binding on the City of Lansing retirement systems or the City of Lansing and that actual retirement allowances can only be determined by the City of Lansing Retirement Office after termination of employment and verification of wages, years of service and retirement plan information.

In order to use the Pension Benefit Calculator, you will need the following plan information:

Retirement System
Bargaining Unit
Date of Hire
Date of Birth
Bi-Weekly wage or Final Average Compensation
Service Credits to Date

If you do not know this information, please refer to your Plan Document or contact the Retirement Office.